Past Predictions


With blessings of Lord Ganesha, predicted on 24.6.11. on our website http:// & on " SUGAR SECTOR WILL BE RECEIVING VERY STRONG ASTROLOGICAL SUPPORT" All Sugar stocks were on fire & Bajaj Hind, Ballrampur chinni, Eid Parry, Dharni Sugar, Renuka & Oudh Sugar etc shot up by 5-15%.


LAST WEEK'S PREDICTION: As predicted, down trend continued & Nifty lost 2%.All three sectors ( Textile, Watches & Pharma )predicted by us out performed. In TEXTILE - Bombay Dying & Century went up by 4.3-5.4%.On 16th June 2011, when Nifty was down by 50 points, Bombay Dying & Century were up by 3-7%. All other stocks from this sector closed in green.Among Watches - Titan made new 52 week's high of Rs 4745 during the week. Lupin, Ranbaxy, Sun Pharma & Devis Lab etc also out performed in Pharma space.


With blessings of Lord Ganesha, predicted on 3.6.11."TEXTILE sector i.e; Arvind, S Kumar, Bombay Dying,Raymond, Century, Alok etc will be receiving very strong ASTROLOGICAL support for next few days." In such bad market, when Nifty down by 51 points, all TEXTILE stocks are on fire - ALOK , SKUMAR, RAYMOND, BOMBAY DYING & CENTURY went up 1.8-7%.


Last Week's Prediction: Down trend continued in the markets. As predicted TEXTILE & WATCHES sectors out performed. In TEXTILE - Century & Raymond appreciated by 7-8%.Other stocks Alok, Bombay Dying, SKUMAR ect also made modest gains. Among WATCHES - Titan again made new 52 week's high of 4589 & moved up by 6%.


Despite lackluster session, in Watches sector (Which we have regularly predicting since 20th May 2011) - TITAN was up by 3.14% & made new 52 week's high of Rs 4575.


Yesterday’s Prediction: Markets were ranged bound & nifty up by 15 points. All three sectors (Paints, Textile & Watches) predicted by us out performed. Among Paints – Shalimar paints & Berger paints went up by 5-12 %. In Textile – Bombay Dying, Alok, Arvind & Raymond Ltd moved up by 3.5-6.5%. Titan up by 1%.


As predicted last week, ASIAN PAINTS made new 52 week's high & went up by 7.8%. TITAN also made new 52 week's high & went up by 7%.


Yesterday’s Prediction: Markets traded range bound & Nifty closed flat down by 3 points. All three sectors (Paints, Financials & Pharma) predicted by us out performed. Among Paints – Hard castle, Asian Paints & Shalimar paints went up by 2.5-5 %. In Pharma – Lupin, Devis Lab, Cipla, Auro Pharma, Sun Pharma & Ranbaxy moved up by 2.5-6.5%. Hdfc, Lic Housing, Dewan Housing & Gruh Finance appreciated by 2.2-7% in financials space. Titan shot up by 3.9%. All above stocks closed in green.Asian Paints made new high.


Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah. With further reference to our prediction dated 20th May 2011 about PAINTS & WATCHES sectors, ASIAN PAINTS, CAMLIN & SHALIMAR PAINTS made new 52 week's high last week. We again repeat, sectors which get strong astrological support are normally not affected by market downfall.


Yesterday’s Prediction: It was a bad day for markets & Nifty down by 42 points. Despite such a bad session, all three sectors (Textile, Paints & Watches) predicted by us out performed. Among Paints – Asian Paints, Kansal, Berger Paints, Shalimar paints & Camlin went up by 1.5-6 %. In Textile – Century, Alok, Arvind & S Kumar moved up by 2-3.6% Among Watches – Titan shot up by 2.25%.