Past Predictions


PREDICTED on 19th OCT 09, that PERSONAL CARE stocks - COLGATE,DABUR, MARICO, EMAMI, HUL ect will out perform during the week. During the week NIFTY was down by almost 3%. COLGATE, DABUR, MARICO, EMAMI went up by 3%-6%. DABUR & COLGATE closed above 52 week high.


It was predicted on 12th OCT 09, that BANKING,TEXTILE & SHIPPING stocks will be getting strong astrological support.During last week all BANKING stocks were on fire & DENA, SBI,UCO,UBI & BOI appreciated by 11% - 20%. In TEXTILE - CENTURY, BRFL, BOMBAY DYING were up by 7%-10%. GE SHIPPING moved up by 5%.


PREDICTED & RECOMENDED on 17th SEPT 09, to buy stocks in AVIATION sector i.e., JET AIRWAYS,KINGFISHER, SPICE JET ect.In one month,JET AIRWAYS appreciated by 65% & SPICE JET by 60%. Aviation industry is one of the worst performing industry not in India but worldwide. Everyday negative news is pouring about that sector. Strike in Jet Airways, big losses, - heavy debts. Kingfisher airlines have not paid dues to BPCL, even yesterday Mumbai high court ordered to return some components to Lufthansa because they failed to pay their dues to them. But due to change in planetary position on 17th September 09, prices of the stocks in this sector started moving up & will continue to do so


It was predicted on 27th SEP 09 that EDUCATION & PHARMA sectors will be getting astrological support & therefore will outper form. Almost all EDUCATION stocks i.e. EDUCOMP, EVERONN, NIIT went up by 10%. PHARMA stocks were again on fire this week. SUN PHARMA, AURBINDO, BIOCON, STRIDE ARCOLAB, ORCHID,ABBOTT & Dr REDDY went up by 10 25%. (Only 3 working days this week)


PREDICTED on 20th Sept 09 that PHARMA stocks will out perform. During the week almost all PHARMA stocks were on fire. RANBAXY & Dr REEDY went up by 15%.BIOCON, PIRAMAL HEALTH, AURBINDO, SUN PHARMA by 10%. All other PHARMA stocks i.e.AJANTA, LUPIN, ALEMBIC, PHIZER, DEVIS LAB etc. were also in demand.


Predicted on 30th AUG 09 "AUTO stocks i.e; TATA MOTOR, MARUTI, MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA & HERO HONDA will out perform next week." During this week AUTO index shot up by 4.5% althogh BSE SENSEX declined by 1.5% & NIFTY by 1.1%. MARUTI went up by 11%, TATA MOTOR by 10%, HERO HONDA by 9.8%, MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA by 9.2% & BAJAJ AUTO by 4.7%.


Predicted on 12th AUG 09 " With the change in plantary position- DRILLING Cos stocks i.e., ABAN OFF SHORE etc will out perfom". ABAN OFFSHORE & SELAN EXPLORATION, both appreciated by 35%.


Predicted on 5th DEC 08 " SUGAR stocks will out perform through out the year" RENUKA SUGAR appreciated by 250%, BAJAJ HINDUSTAN by 310%, DHAMPUR SUGAR by 300%, BALRAMPUR CHINNI by 250% etc. etc. The astrological support will continue to this sector.


PREDICTED on 21st MARCH 09 " WITH THE CHANGE IN POSITION BY PLANET - SATURN - METAL STOCKS WILL OUT PERFORM FOR NEXT 4 MONTHS. " During this period BSE METAL INDEX appreciated from 5262 to 12546 points -JSW STEEL appreciated by 285%, TATA STEEL by 182%, STERLITE by 136%, HINDALCO by 120%.... .


Predicted & gave call on 5th JAN 09 " With the change in position by planet RAHU - AUTOMOBILE stocks will out perform for next 6 months. Carry long position in MARUTI (557), MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA ( 296 ),TATA MOTOR (178), HERO HONDA (778) & BAJAJ AUTO (440). During this period MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA appreciated by 150%, BAJAJ AUTO by 130%, MARUTI by 100%, HERO HONDA by 90% & TATA MOTOR by 70%.This sector started moving up even in the BEAR market,due to strong astrological support.Upward trend in this sector will continue.