Satish Gupta, Financial Astrologer, says with the change in planetary position, the market behaviour has changed. "It will be a rangebound market with a downward bias."
According to him, it was very difficult to predict the market on a daily basis. "I would advise investors to be very cautious at this stage. Post December, we are very bullish on markets."
Here is a verbatim transcript of the exclusive interview with Satish Gupta on CNBC-TV18. Also watch the accompanying video.

Q: What are the stars suggesting for the market after what has happened in the last three-four months?
A: Things were fine from March to July. With the change in planetary position, the market behaviour has changed altogether. Now it will be a range bound market with a downward bias. This I had mentioned on my website also. I do not mean mandi has started but the current scenario is very deceptive, very difficult to predict the market on daily basis. Sometime you will see Nifty up by 200 points, next day down by 100 points. Daily it will be very-very heavy volatility. Investors are advised to be very-very cautious but stocks performance will continue. But the real stage is going to start only after mid December 2009.

Q: So you see this kind of a situation continuing till the end of this year that is what the starts are predicting?
A: We are very bullish after December in the stock market.

Q: Till then you see the market falling or just remaining range bound?
A: No, it will be a range bound market. I have mentioned but I do not mean that mandi has started, but it will be a range bound market, but the position is very-very deceptive, very difficult to predict the market on certain day. Things will be sometimes you can say that Nifty will be going 200 point then Nifty coming back by 100 points. Investors are advised to be very cautious at this stage.

Q: Any sectors that you would be more cautious on versus the rest?
A: No. Basically, we are very bullish, what happens every year there are certain sectors which get extraordinary astrological support. Technically, in astrology we call them the sectors of the Samvat. Stocks of that sector continue to outperform even in odd situation. The current Samvat sugar and pharma sector come in that category. They will continue to outperform. But now there is some power in sugar sector for some time but one can accumulate at lower level. These sectors continue to outperform till March 2010 and other sector which will continue to outperform is education. Sector you can see in drilling stocks like Aban.

Q: What specifically do you mean when you talk about sectors like education and pharma any stocks you have in mind?
A: No. We are very bullish on Renuka, Balrampur Chini.



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