We offer advisory services to HNI’S individuals and retail investors, based on rich experience in equity market couples with experience in financial astrology. We identifies well in advance sector and specific stock on the basis of planetary movement which are to outperform next day / fortnight / month and advises clients through sms or over telephone and success rate is over 85%.

  • the basis of planetary movement which are to outperform next day / fortnight / month and advice clients through SMS or over telephone. Specific recommendation to buy future stocks through SMS which are to outperform next day before closure of the market.
  • Pre market, Intra Day and positional Calls in Future Stocks at your mobile through SMS
  • Predictions about Sectors / Stocks which are going to take strong astrological support in a particular Samvat in our Sectors of Samvat scheme.
  • Recommendations about the stock which are to outperform in the next 3-6 months.

Where are our values?

  • We had predicted Liquor/ Leather stock (which had till that day not participated in the rally) in October 2004, which has seen growth of more than 10 times.
  • In the last week of September 2005, we advised our clients to stay away from the market for one month as we had anticipated the markets to fall.
  • Similarly in the third week of April 2006, he recommended to buy tyre stocks which had also not participated in the rally and all the tyre stocks within next 10 days jumped and CEAT tyre outperform with a rise of more than 50% in just 10 days.
  • Predicted about SUGAR sector in 2015, (which had not participated in the rally for many years) & many stocks; Dwarikesh Sugar, Mawana Sugar, Uppar Ganges & Uttam Sugar etc shot up by 500 – 900%.
  • In the year 2016, Predicted about DYES/CHEMICALS sector, which got strong astrological support & stocks like Bhageria Industries, Thirumalai Chemicals & Sudershan Chemicals etc were up by 490- 650%.
  • During last Samvat 2074 (2017-2018), among other sectors - FOOD PROCESSING sector was predicted, which received strong astrological support. Many stocks from this sector appreciated exorbitantly - VENKYS (500%), APEX FROZEN (480%), WATER BASE (470%), AVANTI FEEDS ( 428 %), MILK FOOD (300%), JUBILANT FOOD (280%) & TATA GLOBAL (230%) etc
  • And many more....